Double Your Goldbergs, Double Your Fun!

Hey There Goldbergs Nation!


The sun is setting on summer, so while the days are still long and the nights are still warm, come on out and catch a Goldbergs show! You’ve got two chances tomorrow.

Catch some rays with your Goldbergs…

SATURDAY, 8/26Mulligan’s in Windham: on the deck, 2-5pm.

Goldbergs go great with cocktails…

SATURDAY, 8/26 – The Acra Manor in Acra: in the lounge, 9:30 – 12:30pm.

We’ll see you tomorrow or…

…see you in September… (imagine singing).

-Yves and Amy


New Summer Show Dates Added!

Hey There Goldbergs Nation!

Check out our schedule for the latest show dates. We added a bunch today. We’ll be in Windham, Acra and Athens coming up this summer, but we’ve still got more dates to fill. We’ll keep you posted on the where and when of it all. Just click on over to See the Goldbergs! for more info, or hit the contact page and send us an email and we’ll put you on the list.

Stay cool!

Yves and Amy